The life of Francisco de Paula del Villar

The Spanish architect Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano studied and obtained the title of architect in Madrid, at the academy of San Fernando in 1962. The following year he won by the opposition chair of Architecture Legal Provincal Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona in his section of teaching Masters Works.

francisco de paula del villar y lozano

In 1854 Francisco de Paula del Villar designed a serie of hospitals for emergency care for people who were suffering the cholera epidemic. He was librarian of the Provincal Academy of Fine Arts, corresponder for the San Fernando, member of the Provincial Commission of Monuments, president of the Association of Architects and director of the College of Architecture.

As architect Francisco had a lot of work to do. He restored the church of Santa Maria del Pi, Santa Maria de Vilafranca and the House of Mercy. He was also the author of numerous parish churches and he designed the apse of the Monastery of Montserrat, together with Antoni Gaudí.

In 1877 Francisco de Paula del Villar was commissioned by the association of Devotees of St. Joseph to build the Sagrada Familia church. Villar conceived a large Gothic project, but ended up only building the crypt. In 1883 Francisco left the project because of disagreements with Joan Martorell and consultant architect Josep Maria Bocabella. Afterwards Antoni Gaudí was assigned for the project of the Sagrada Familia.

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